Karma Pricing

Dear Art Lovers,

Great that you stopped by! I’m trying something new – running an experiment, shall we say.

Rather than selling my art at a ‘fixed’ price – one in which I set (albeit, somewhat randomly) and you accept or reject, I’m trying something called “Karma Pricing – Pay What It’s Worth to You”.

That’s right! You – dear Art Fan – have the power to decide how much a particular piece is worth to you.


“Karma Pricing” – the belief that we human beings are inherently altruistic and generous – has been successful in wonderful organizations such as Soul Kitchen, Panera Cares, and musicians RadioHead and Amanda Palmer. (Check out Palmer’s inspiring TED talk on crowdfunding and ‘the art of asking’ here).

I’m following in the footsteps of these brave creative souls.HelenHe

By purchasing my original artwork at a “Pay What it’s Worth To You” price, you are becoming a patron to help me to live my most inspired and creative life.

Since you are buying the original artwork, (not a print) – quantities are limited – there is only ONE original available for purchase, so it’s First Come, First Served! Once gone, it’s gone!

Since there’s a real, live, human behind the art – me! – please carefully consider the value you place on the creation and the time, inspiration and work I spent on it and give accordingly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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