“I’m a big fan of how Helen’s artwork manages to capture people, scenes, and landscapes without having to use many strokes. I’m especially drawn to her paintings of nature. I love her organic painting style and the color choices which often provide a unique impression of seemingly common subjects”.   – Sarah M. (San Francisco, USA)


“Helen’s artworks typically have this magical string connected to real-life situations, emotions, and perspectives, which I find fascinating. I am thrilled to finally have the “Pieces of me” painting in my office, which I fell in love at first sight. I love the colors, texture, and the story behind this piece, which is reflected in the engraved quote “If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces” by poet Shane Koyczan. I loved how Helen patiently explained to me the story of how the painting came to be and also the technical process behind it. Thank you Helen for this fabulous painting”. – Hossein Shafagh (Zurich, Switzerland)


“Helen Ai He’s art is uniquely honest and expressive, just like the artist herself. I feel that behind each of Helen’s pieces is a clear and focused intention or memory rather than a story or a meaning. Unlike many other artists, her work captures the fleeting states of mind instead of an intentional narrative. This is probably why the style and feel of her works are so diverse. Just like how our momentary states of mind can vary greatly from one moment to the next, so can her art look completely different from piece to piece.

As Helen’s body of work grows, the range of emotions and gestures it evokes broadens. As I look at her works, I am always impressed by the authentic and unclouded nature of her expression. For Helen, the strength of all her art comes from her honesty. I have thoroughly enjoyed her art for many years and I look forward to much more in the future”.  – Hi Lee (Ottawa, Canada)


“Helen’s drawings remind me of her own nature: full of energy, emotion, and always in motion. The colorful and vibrant style reflects the vast range of surroundings in which the pieces were created or inspired by, such as the Swiss mountains – which immediately brings back many great shared memories of those places.” – Christian Remy (Aarhus, Denmark)


“I love Helen’s artwork, because for me, her work expresses genuine love and freedom. When I look at her art, I am able to feel her presence, her emotions pour out of each piece expressing who she is and who she has become. I am drawn by the sincerity and the emotional details of her subject, because she manages to capture the essence in each piece. For instance, her drawing of a bunny reflects the soul and the story of the person who needed love, protection, or a shoulder to lean on, rather than the bunny itself. Not often does someone manage or is able to do this, since emotions are so private and difficult to express. She does this beautifully, allowing others to see themselves and their own story within her work. Thanks Helen, for sharing yourself and allowing me to discover myself on a new level.” – Jennifer Hubert (Vernon, Canada)


“We have the replica of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. We really like this painting because it has brought warmth and happiness into our home. Helen used Van Gogh’s style but in her own unique way. What I appreciate the most in Helen’s work is that I can feel the emotion expressed through colors and movement of a brush, so soft and gentle. Helen is really wonderful, she is a gentle and warm person. Words that come to my mind when I think of her art is: love, happiness, freedom, sincerity. I want to say that we are so grateful that we have one her paintings in our home”. – Sanja & Nemanja Memarovic (Zurich, Switzerland)

“I treasure the Geisha painting with her mysterious air and bold colours. The style of Helen’s art is a unique combination of a sense of realism with a touch of the magical.” Philip S. (London, UK)


“Helen’s painting of the Kunsthaus sculpture brings lightness and an ephemeral quality to a heavy, well-defined sculpture form. I enjoy this creative interpretation more than an intent to reproduce the reality. This airy and almost translucent form of Helen’s artwork carries cheerfulness, which is one of the admirable traits of Helen”. – Magdalena S. (Zurich, Switzerland)


“Helen’s art is expressive, colorful and often includes details in different materials. To me, her art is a source of inspiration. With it’s flowing, warm and positive autumn energy, her piece ‘Autumn breeze’ contributes strongly to the cozy ambience of my living room”. – Iris Helming (Zurich, Switzerland)


“Great art is a personal expression of the artist, and what I find striking in Helen’s work is how well it reflects her as a person. Funny, pleasant, thoughtful, kind – always questioning and exploring, and always true to herself. That’s what I see when I look at her pictures”. – Gunnar H. (Jar, Akerhus, Norway)